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Encinitas CA

Encinitas CA

If you live in or near beautiful Encinitas CA, look no further to have one of our certified technicians solve all your computer issues and more. No issue is too big or too small for our skilled staff.  Anything from networking to data recovery to helping grandma with Facebook.  SDTechxperts prides themselves on providing professional, punctual, and comprehensive computer services.    Our skilled professionals offer excellent residential and business related computer repair.   A Techxpert will come your Encinitas home or office and repair PC’s, Mac, desktops, laptops, tablets, cell phones and more.  Don’t leave leave it up to just anyone.  We are a small family run business who prides themselves on personalize service.  Integrity and professionalism are part of our core beliefs when hiring new team members as part of our Techxpert Family.  Encinitas and other locations are within our computer repair service area and we are happy to help residential and business clients in that area.

SDTechxperts also has a convenient drop off service for those clients that do not need immediate support.  Encinitas CA premier computer repair company.  Fixing Mac’s and PC’s for over 15 years.

Let a certified technician help you with:

  • Desktop Computer Repair

    Desktop Computer Repair

    Virus, Spyware and Malware removal – We will find and remove any virus, spyware and malware found on your machine.  We will also recommend tools that will keep you safe moving forward.

  • Networking for the home and office – Get all your computer connect and share you data
  • Data Recovery – Let us recover your valuable pictures, documents, music and more.
  • Data Transfer – Got a new computer?  We can move all your data to the new computer so that it looks and feels like the old one – only faster.
  • Computer Maintenance and cleanup – Get your computer to run faster!!
  • Mac and Apple repair – We are Apple certified
  • Security camera installation and configuration – Feel safe knowing you can monitor your home from anywhere
  • Laptop Repair We can fix your screen, replace your keyboard, fix your power connection, and more
  • Mac and Windows Tutoring – Need some help figuring your new Mac?  Windows 8 kind of confusing?  We’ll show you how to get the most out of any operating system.
  • Desktop & Laptop RAM upgrade – Damage RAM can cause your computer to run slow.  Upgrading RAM means your computer will run faster.
  • Custom Computer Builds – Let us put together the perfect computer for your needs while staying within you budget.
We will remove any virus, spyware or malware infection
We are certified in Apple and Mac repair