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Full Service IT Consulting Company Serving San Diego and San Diego North County Area.

With over 12 years of experience, businesses across San Diego have benefited from our unique brand of comprehensive, affordable and personalized IT support. At SD TechXperts, we don’t hide behind gimmicks or gadgets—we’d much rather talk to our clients face to face. Unlike other firms that promise to support your business network from a remote data center or through contract technicians. SDT provides a personal hands on approach. No job is too small or too big.

Because we’re a service company just as much as an IT provider, we stress solid communication and people skills. Honesty, integrity and a commitment to ethical business practices are qualities we demand from all our employees.

SD TechXperts is a full service IT consulting company serving a variety of businesses in the San Diego area. Our clients rely on us for expert technical services such as on-site PC and Mac support, networking, custom solutions and a broad range of other computer related services. Everything from replacing a defective hard drive to upgrading and networking dozens of computers — and our unbiased analysis and cost effective solutions help you make informed decisions.

Issues such as security, scalability, redundancy, information architecture and speed of performance are just a few of the criteria that must be evaluated in the early stages of planning an information technology project. Our experienced team of IT consultants can handle projects large and small, from needs assessment through to implementation.

We provide prompt and courteous service at very competitive rates. Our response time is usually within 24hrs or faster.

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And discover for yourself why we say there is no substitute for honesty and integrity. We apply these principles to each and every job we undertake and it shows in the results. Give us a call if you have further questions regarding any of our services or products, or would like to receive an estimate. We look forward to working with you!

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